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Thursday, 3 October 2013

First Weekend in Australia ....

After a long and seemingly never ending journey which of course did eventually finish, we arrived in Brisbane on Thursday evening, 12th September to record winter temperatures.  Our first outing was to my brother-in-law Michael's birthday party on the south side of Brisbane on Sunday evening, 15th September. 

I think we were all still in the depths of jet lag, and I was developing a nasty cold, but it was wonderful to have such a family orientated function on our first weekend in Australia.  With two brothers and a sister, and numerous nephews and nieces, an O'Shea gathering means lots of noise and movement, but this time the Brierley side of the family was more represented with our additional presence.  Food is done on a LARGE scale, and a definite highlight was the butterflied shoulder of lamb on the barbie - DE-LIC-IOUS! 

Grandma Brierley and boys.  Their first experience of an Aussie barbeque! I think their personal favourite was strawberries with marshmallows on skewers - I think I will be leaving off the marshmallows!  

Bronwyn O'Shea with Lewis applauding the happy birthday singing to Uncle Michael and Benjamin! 

Lewis approving of Uncle Michael's caramel birthday cake with Michael's mother, Lee O'Shea.  Michael's brother, Chris, in the background with Lachie at the side. 

 Michael with Ryan (his younger son) preparing the birthday candles and anticipating that caramel cake .....
Watch out, Uncle Michael .... here comes Lewis!  
And here's Henry with Aunty Nerida, joining in with the birthday singing. 
Our first week was full of the jobs which took priority - applying for our Queensland drivers' licences, signing onto Medicare (the Australian health system) and getting our bank accounts sorted out - all of which took a LOT of time. 
It was therefore especially significant to escape the bureacracy to spend some time with family - and what is more Australian than a large-scale, noisy barbecue?  Looking forward to much more of the same in time to come. 



  1. Finally your dreams have come true, I'm so happy for you xxx

  2. The boys look settled in already. X

  3. Wonderful to know you arrived safely and are surrounded by so much family. Wish you all well. Kate x

  4. The boys look older than even when I saw them - only a month ago! (That sentence does not construct properly!) Bless them
    It's lovely to get your family photos - we've been waiting for them xxx

  5. Beautiful photos :) So glad you've settled in so well.

  6. Looks like you're settling in well Ali. It must feel good to be home xx

  7. Lovely to see what you've been up to. A great way to spend your first weekend :)

  8. Totally fabulous and gosh you and your sister are so alike too. And those boys! so handsome... you'll be fighting off the teenage girls in less time than you know it! So glad you arrived safely but missing you so much already