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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sunday, 5th August 2012 - your first swim

Dear Henry and Lewis,

Today we took you for your first swim at Daddy's gym in Northwood.  It was Asha and Aunty Roslyn's last day with us, so it took two trips to get us all there in one car.  Mummy was very grateful for the extra help!

Mummy and Daddy weren't too sure about which flotation devices would help, so we tried everything in the course of the swim! 

Lewis, you were very unhappy through most of the experience, and only started to relax towards the end.  You were gripping onto us very tightly and the face below was the one we saw through most of the time in the water! 

Henry, you loved the whole experience and felt no fear.  Daddy called you "fish boy"! 

Luckily, Aunty Roslyn remembered to take her camera and she got these few photos for us, before being told by the lifeguard that she wasn't allowed to take photos.  

Henry, you got so confident that you even started to splash Daddy! 

We weren't able to take any more photos, but then we got some noodles and wrapped them around you, and Lewis, you started to feel a bit safer and enjoyed the swim more.  Getting you showered and dressed was quite awkward and fairly time consuming, but the process was helped by having a playpen in the family change room. 

We hope to take you swimming again soon, but that was a great and memorable experience.  


  1. lol, glad you got some photos before being told off :)

  2. So sweet and you all look like you are having a good time too (almost);)
    Isn't that rule silly.... I mean! if you are talking pics of children in your own family!! nevermind... soon you'll be swimming in your own pool (hopefully) and you can snap away to your hearts content

  3. I can understand the ruling - our local pool has been targetted a couple of times by some local sex offenders. But glad that you managed to get a couple as Lisa says once you have your own pool you will be able to get loads.

  4. What wonderful pics Ali, love the little water babies....especially loving the splash in the face one, what a classic. xx

  5. Lovely to have pictures of this experience Ali. Andrew was a competitive swimmer for many years, but sadly no photos to show for it. Sounds a wonderful experience for you all to remember.