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Monday, 6 February 2012

Seven Months Old

Henry and Lewis, you are seven months old today (6th Feb). 

Henry, your first tooth broke through on Sunday, 29th January, with the second coming through today! 

Your hand to eye coordination has developed even more from last month, and you are reaching out for food like pieces of dried apple, rusks and such like.  You eat everything that is given to you with enthusiasm and gusto.  You are still trying to bite and chew everything in sight - that includes items of furniture and articles of clothing - particularly relating to your feet! 

Your motor skills are increasing every day - you can particularly control your hands and fingers with deliberate actions and in the last week or so we have started to see your pincer movement with your fingers and thumb. 

This means that you are increasingly taking the opportunity to stick fingers into your brother's face and ears, and delight in pulling our cheeks, lips or ears when we pick you up.  You are able to hold on tight when you are carried anywhere and you are trying to use bits of furniture to pull yourself up!  I often see you with your legs wrapped around the jungle gym and it seems as though you are trying to climb up the overhead supports - even more like a monkey! 

You love to spend time on your back and look up at the ceiling, and kick your legs very energetically when you get excited - which is usually when you see Mummy or Daddy approaching, or you know it is mealtime. 

I often see you staring intently at people and surroundings, especially if it involves food.  Henry, you will reach out and move towards toys you want to play with, and often squeal with excitement or anticipation when you are happy.

Both of you seemed to enjoy spending time with me in the kitchen last Friday when I was making chicken casserole for the whole family. It meant that I could multi-task and feed you at the same time! Definitely a more productive way to get things done for everyone and also give you a change of scenery.

We are very thankful that you both enjoy going out in the buggy, or for a drive in your car seats.  We rarely hear you cry when out and about unless you are hungry.  Lewis, you will more often than not go to sleep, and we often hear Henry happily babbling to yourself throughout an entire car journey! 

Lewis - we are having a struggle with you eating your savoury foods, but it is lovely to know that you are generally regarded as the smiley one when we go out. 

Your personality is emerging more every day, and Mummy can usually ensure a giggle when I sing "little brown jug" - at the "ha ha ha, hee hee hee..."

You love to sleep with your hands behind your head, looking for all the world like you are enjoying sunbathing on your lounger.  Roberta tells me that is the sign of a happy baby - and that is very positive reinforcement for me to hear.  The other morning, I found you at the top of the cot, minus your sleeping bag!  Goodness only knows how you managed to wriggle out of it, especially with the two press studs undone at the top. 

Lewis, you spend a long time on your tummy, looking up towards people in the room, or around you.  Daddy tells me that he is convinced that you respond when your name is called.  You particularly seem to get bored and frustrated just lying on the ground, and seem much happier when you are put into your bouncy chair or high chair for a break in routine, especially in the late afternoon.

When we put you both into the bouncer on the doorframe for the first time on Saturday, you both loved it.  Henry, you seem to be stronger in the legs, but we were surprised that Lewis, you looked very graceful, like a ballet dancer, pointing your toes when bouncing. 

It was no surprise to use when I had you weighed last Friday that Lewis, you have now outstripped Henry - though not by much!  Lewis, you now weigh 8.89kg, or 19lb 6 oz - and Henry, you are now 8.74kg, or 19lb 3 oz!  No wonder Mummy gets tired when lifting you up and down several times a day. 

Lewis, you are increasingly "finding your voice" - though your shrieks and cries can often be ear splitting and uncomfortably loud!  Maybe you will be a rock star when you grow up - the journey to discover who and what you are both meant to be will be eternally fascinating to Daddy and I.


  1. Fabulous, love reading about how your boys are doing, my son is 9 months old today. Off to have some photos taken. Can't believe where the time goes

  2. Lovely to read these updates - they seem to be doing very well x

  3. OMGoodness I csn't believe how big they are and how different they look from eachother yet also so similar at the same time!lol They both have such expressionful faces! I am glad you put the weights down in kg's too because I am totally lost with the lb and oz! :)

  4. Ali they're so beautiful - a real credit to you. Such bonny boys!! xx