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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Henry and Lewis at Six Months

You turned six months on 6th January.  You are are now 70cms long - 20cm more than when you were born! and CONSIDERABLY heavier, of course. You are much larger than other babies much older than you. Destined to be rugby players amongst other things, perhaps!

Since then, we have really noticed that you recognise each other.  One of our highlights of the day is when you look at each other and giggle.  Sometimes that can last for a couple of minutes at a time, and it is just adorable to see. 

Henry - you are rolling over and over - one minute, we can see you in the middle of the jungle, and the next - you are under the edge of the coffee table, or on top of the gas pipe, or trying to fit under the sofa!  Your hand to eye co-ordination is really exact now, and you are reaching out to touch our faces or objects that attract you.  It is usually a toy of your brother's that takes your fancy!  At the moment, Lewis is not protesting when you snatch a rattle or the elephant away, but we don't imagine that this situation will stay like this for very long!  It took you a little while to get the hang of solids, but now you are eating everything that is given to you with great enthusiasm.  Today I caught you trying to bite Lewis and even gnaw on his leg!

You are becoming ever more vocal, and are making a greater variety of noises and sounds than ever.  The most recognisable thing you say is "da da da da" and become especially talkative after the evening feed. 

Lewis - you are smiling and giggling more and more, but your cry for food or when you are unhappy has gotten much louder and is positively a screech at times!  You really open your mouth when you have decided that you like the concoction that is offered to you, but are refusing to open your mouth or spit things out when you have made up your mind that you really don't like something!  I am really taking advantage when you cry because that is when I shove a great spoonful of food into your mouth - not always with successful consequences, I must say.  You are also really vocal after the evening feed, but are particularly interested in blowing raspberries at the moment, and sucking or biting on your sleeve. 

There are no concrete signs of teeth at the moment, but we are expecting them for you both at any day now.

Henry, when placed in a sitting position, you are definitely more stable, but Lewis, you are still more wobbly, so we predict that Henry will be able to sit up first.  Henry, when I am changing you on the floor, you move backwards like an upside down frog, and can use your legs to propel yourself away from me really quickly!  It can make nappy changing really challenging, and you rollover like a giant worm when I am trying to get you dressed. 

Lewis, you almost look like you are getting ready to crawl, by trying to get up on your knees.  Your eyes have changed colour - at birth, they were a really dark slate, and then they turned to grey.  Now, they're looking set to be hazel.  You are gradually getting more hair, and it looks to be a medium brown in colour. 

You are both really starting to interact with your toys now, and we often find you cuddled up with your bears in your cots in the mornings.

So far, you have tried baby rice and porridge in the mornings, and this has been mixed with banana, pear puree or apple and pear mix.  In the afternoons, you have now had carrot, broccoli ( not so popular, thus far!), sweet potato, avocado, and butternut squash, which you both enjoyed.  The cottage pie was a smash with Henry, and squash and chicken was also very popular!  However, you want to grab the spoon or bowl and have a go at feeding yourself - with potentially disastrous consequences for bright orange or green food on cream carpets ...


  1. Multi coloured carpets could catch on. The boys have changed so much. Love their smiles :)

  2. Wow they are getting so big and are just so cute!! I love the giggling at eachother bit! Oh they joy of feeding and them wanting to feed themselves!! Try having your 2 year old wanting to feed the baby then they both get covered! We used to sit them in the kitchen in thier high chairs once they started feeding themselves, much easier to clean up the mess!! :)

  3. Lovely photographs and narative - will make a/some great page(s).

  4. Such cute photos, just want to pinch their cheeks! Love reading about how much they're growing. :)

  5. Super to hear the latest news, lovely photos too. x

  6. Oh Ali, what wonderful photos, such handsome little fellas. Love reading all you have written xx

  7. I love reading about their progress. Your boys are definitely developing into two different characters!