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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Some Personal News...

It is rather early days to be sharing, but there is a time to make a leap of faith and just go for it!

I don't normally share such personal news on my blog, but it is appropriate as this is a vessel for me to record my memories as well as share my crafty projects. 

My husband and I were never blessed with children, so for about the past two years, we have been going through procedures and IVF in a last ditch effort. 

So about three weeks ago, I was delighted when I found out I was pregnant!  I had my first early pregnancy scan today at 7 weeks and 1 day and my due date is 19th July. 

I was so emotional when I saw not one, but two! heartbeats on the scanner.   How amazing, and it was  exactly our dream to have twins, should we have dared to dream it. 

Apparently our babies are at a perfect stage of their development, one being 10 mm, and the other being 9mm. 

Hence why I have been coming home from work, and faceplanting the pillow in a coma!  I am also struggling with other lovely pregnancy-related conditions like intense heartburn, massive indigestion, and other things too undignified to name! 

So please friends and everyone, forgive unloaded layouts and uncompleted challenges - I just don't have the energy!


  1. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE congratulations ... what fabulous news, aawwww, I'm so so happy for you - what a fabulous year 2011 is going to be for you and your husband.

  2. Fantastic news!!!!! So so happy for you :-)

  3. Wow, what fab news - Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations!!! As a mother of Twins myself I know just how tiring a twin pregnancy can be so take things easy and enjoy the moment xx

  5. Oooo congratulations Ali that is wonderful news. You will make a great Mum.

  6. Fabulous news! I'm so pleased for you Ali. Take care of yourself. I predict great things on the scrapbooking front next year - if you ever get time. x

  7. Oh Ali, what fantastic news, I am so happy for you!!!! Congratulations to you and hubby and how lucky your twins will be to have you for a mother :)

  8. Big Congratulations to you both thats fab news really happy for you x x

  9. Absolutely thrilled to bits for both of you. Congratulations.

    Karen xx

  10. Wonderful News!!!!
    I'm sat here with tears of joy for you both.


  11. Ah I'm so happy for you both, you must be scared and excited all at the same time!!! Remember we are all right here for what ever you need!! So excited myself!!! Love to you both and make sure Paul starts doing more to help around the house or I'll have something to say about it!!!!! LOL
    Lots of best wishes, hug and cuddles T,Ian and Leah...who wants to know when she can play with the twins!! love her!! Txx

  12. Oh Ali, this is the most heart warming news, I am so thrilled for you both, many, many congratulations to you both. How magical!
    warmest wishes Anita..xxxxx

  13. Wow that is fab news Ali, so pleased for you both, take care. Having lived through a multiple pregnancy after a very long wait and almost at the point of giving up, I feel for you too. It is exhausting, but so worth it! xxx ps they told us it was twins on the first scan - then there were three! - best get them to check their maths next time! LOL!

  14. What fantastic news so pleased for you both, Ali. What an wonderful Christmas present!

  15. Hey stranger! Saw Michelle at a show on Thursday and she told me your wonderful news, I am so very pleased for you both!!
    Hope that things are going well, can't wait to see all your baby LO's!
    Much love, I do miss you all.